Advanced technologies to fight cancer
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Cure cancer using AI


Using advanced Machine Learning techniques to diagnose Cancer in early stages.


Find out a combination of causing agents and lifestyle changes which would help prevent getting cancer.


Using advanced Machine Learning techniques to find targeted treatment for Cancer.


We are a team of technologists who have been passionate about solving healthcare using technology since a long time. This is our first stab at solving one of the toughest problems.

Anand Prakash

Founder, CEO

Anand Prakash is CEO of GrailAI, a new artificial intelligence platform focused on leveraging new data algorithms to improve Cancer Diagnosis. This project has been 10 years in the making while he built up his resources, knowledge and network to help make it successful. He is well-known as a Silicon Valley technology visionary and product builder. He first built SMSGupshup (Webaroo) which began as a weekend project and grew to be the largest social network in the world in 2005 with more than 35 Million users. He founded and developed Droptalk, a stealth startup which was acquired by Silicon Valley giant Dropbox. After spending some time at Dropbox as a tech lead, he took a technology leadership role at Verizon, for which he was also CTO of a subsidiary.

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